logo for online store

лого амазон — копия.jpeg

Creative director: Alyona Trifonova.
Designer: Evgeny Korolev.
Company: online store with natural products for a healthy diet.
Task: to create a logo and design concept for the online store

Creating the logo, we thought about brand’s name a lot.

The Amazon River flows through tropical jungle with a warm, humid climate. Due to the high humidity and the abundance of the sun, its forests are saturated with emerald greens and bright pigments of colors. There is also a variety of flora and fauna there: birds, beautiful butterflies, lush flowers.

That’s why, we thought that the name AMAZON FOOD, which includes the name of the Amazon River, can be perfectly associated with the exotic, splendor and abundance of the jungle.

The store concept in such case could get the following features.

  • An element of forest mystery - slightly darkened frames.

  • Furious bright colors, emerald undertones in the design of backgrounds.

  • Elements of flora and fauna in icons: butterflies, birds, flowers, leaves.

  • Luxury and exotic: beautiful detailed product descriptions, emphasis on exclusivity and uniqueness of the assortment.

For this concept, we created the logo with grass of a dark green shade, typical for the jungle, and purple-eggplant shade of background, usually associated with something exotic. The bright white spelling of the name of the brand makes it stand out from the background. At the same time, the name seems to "hide" mysteriously in the grass.

For the logo, we have created three formats, which can be used according to the situation, saving the corporate identity in each case:

  • name on a colored background - square shape;

  • image on the right, name on the left - rectangular shape;

  • separate use of image - frequently used, it can be well remembered and get the strong associations with the brand, even without the location of the name next to it.

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