We feel a real joy when it's possible to make the world more beautiful! Adding living plants is the best way

to do it. We can decorate veranda or interior of your company with unusual plants, choosing shades that are most suitable for the mood of your brand. Bouquets of meadow flowers, boxes with fragrant herbs, garlands of greenery on the walls - we will turn your space into an emerald garden with beautiful rare flowers!

Plants options


Space design is a deeply individual thing. To calculate the price of your future possible plants, please, describe your case in a free way and leave your contacts. We'll come back to you with an answer as soon

as possible!

Working on each project, we use both creative and scientific approach.

For example, we study biophilic design. Nature is an original human environment, so eco-elements in the office help to feel the environment as comfortable and safe. Communication with nature pacifies, relieves stress and tension. By including fresh flowers, herbs, woody compositions and greenery in the space, you'll influence

on everyone who is there in a positive way: customers, partners, employees.

We'll use all our knowledge and expertise to make your project successful!